Dealer Group Pricing

This pricing plan is for dealer groups who need to provide revenue processing services on behalf of the many advisers in their group.

The prices are all 'per month' and are exclusive of GST.

The pricing consists of two components, a fixed "Dealer Group base price" and then a 'per adviser' fee charged in multiples of 10 advisers e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 etc.,

The features include all of the features available in the Self licensed advice practice "Advanced" package.



Dealer group base price $1290
Per adviser price (charged in blocks of 10) $8

Sample calculation:

Let say we have a dealer group with 65 advisers. As the per adviser price is calculated in blocks of 10 this same calculated price will apply for anywhere between 61-70 advisers. The calculation is based on the highest multiple of 10 that sufficiently covers the current adviser count - so for an adviser count of 65 we choose 70.


Quantity Unit Cost $ Price $
Dealer group base price 1 1,290 1,290
Adviser count price 70 8 560
Total     1,850