Advice solution provider pricing




Price/month See tiered pricing below See tiered pricing below
Provider revenue statement importing yes yes
Export consolidated data in the format required for your CRM, portfolio platform or accounting system (You must be able to provide a sample CSV, XLS[X], XML or JSON file in the format that you require - no charge for this customization) yes yes
Advisers per practice 5* Unlimited
Transactions across all advisers in each practice 5000* Unlimited
Fee reports broken down by adviser - yes
Fee reports broken down by provider - yes
Fee charts by adviser - yes
Fee charts by provider - yes
Reconciliation feature NEW!!! - yes

Tiered pricing

Tiers based on number of adviser practices

Tier price per practice

Tier price per practice

1-5 $199 $279
6-10 $135 $210
11-15 $115 $170
16+ $100 $145

Total pricing under the tiered structure is a total of the applicable tier based on your volume of practices plus the price of each proceeding tier.
Our discount profile is very aggressive and we choose the tiered model because it means that once you have entered the first discount tier then every extra practice you enrol drops your average price per practice - even before the next discount tier is reached.