Self licensed advice practice pricing


Free Small



Price/month (ex GST) $0 $79/month $199/month $279/month
Simple Drag and Drop or Browse to upload revenue statement files for automated detection and processing.
Supports files in formats generated by 60+ financial product providers
yes yes yes yes
Export processed, client resolved, homogenized revenue data which can be fed into CRMs, compliance document generators, portfolio management systems, adviser workflow systems, accounting systems, data lakes and, of course, Excel if you want to do your own processing of the data. yes yes yes yes
Maximum advisers 2 2 5* Unlimited
Maximum monthly revenue **transaction count across all advisers 30 120 250 Unlimited
Fee reports broken down by adviser yes yes yes yes
Fee reports broken down by provider yes yes yes yes
Fee charts by adviser yes yes yes yes
Fee charts by provider yes yes yes yes
Reconciliation feature NEW!!!! yes yes yes yes


*Charges for excess advisers

Standard package supports up to 5 advisers per practice. Excess advisers charged at $20/adviser per month. 

**Transaction Count

Every revenue record in a provider revenue statement with a non zero value counts towards the monthly transaction count.