Introducing Feezily for financial advice practices

Overview of where Feezily fits into the operations of a financial adviser practice

What piece of the puzzle does Feezily form?

Where Feezily fits into your operations

Using Feezily

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Data collection as usual

Collect revenue files from your product providers as you normally would.

Choose the product provider and format of a commission file

Select the provider provider and, for providers with more than one format, choose the format appropriate for the file that you are uploading.

Feezily supports 50+ Australian product provider file formats so you are well covered. In the rare event you have a file we don't yet support send us a sample and we'll normally add support for it within 1 business day.

Upload product provider file

Upload your product provider file to Feezily.
Your file will be transformed into your configured output format.

Download transformed commission file

Download the transformed commission file.

Your output format may be a simple Excel file for you to load into Excel and tally your own commission totals or it may be a .csv or Excel file required by a particular CRM or portfolio platform that you use.


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